How do you take a dream and turn it into a successful charter school

FCPCS can help you at every step along the way.

If you are just getting started, please refer to How to Start a Charter School in Florida published by the Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice, Florida Department of Education to guide you through the initial planning process.

We also recommend that you visit the U.S. Department of Education’s extensive website on charter schools for additional details on each aspect of starting and opening a charter school.

FCPCS offers a variety of programs and services for charter school developers through a special low-cost Membership for Charter School Developers. Membership benefits include:

Access to FCPCS Preferred Consultants, who have expertise in many areas of charter school operations The “Best Practices” section of the website, which features dozens of school forms and procedures used in charter schools, and information on developing “Power Standards” and standards-based assessment instruments The latest charter school news, including the latest changes to charter school law Discounts on customized Training and Professional Development, including training for Governing Boards Apply for membership online now. For more information, contact FCPCS at 954-463-9595 or by email at

  • The First Steps: From Vision to Charter Application
  1. When to Start

Step 1: The Founding Team

Step 2: Vision and Definition

Step 3: Research

Step 4: Governance

Step 5: Further Definition and Timeline

Step 6: The Facility

Step 7: The Application

When to Start

FCPCS recommends that new charter school developers spend at least two years or more to plan their new school. This will allow sufficient time to assemble a good founding team and board of directors, gather information on demographics, define the instructional program, create a sound financial and marketing plan, identify potential school sites, and submit a well-designed charter application.

Step 1: The Founding Team

You can’t do it by yourself. Assemble a group of friends, colleagues, other professionals who can serve as your founding team. You will need a team of people who share your vision and passion and who are willing to help you accomplish your goal. This founding team will not necessarily serve as the school’s governing board.

Oct 15, 2018

Roadblocks re-energize school reformers

Re-posted from a Naples Daily News op-ed column.


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