A response to inaccurate reporting

The Readers' Forum / The Miami Herald - April 27, 2014

Academica serves some of the finest charter schools

The April 21 article Charter-school firm audited, focuses on a draft document that was part of a nationwide review of charter schools by the U.S. Department of Education. It was a confidential preliminary draft containing numerous factual errors. The USDOE requested that the draft be kept confidential and safeguarded from unauthorized use.

The article inaccurately implies that we chose not to answer the Herald's question; we simply respected USDOE's request to treat this process with confidence. As a result, Academica has been placed at a disadvantage and is being publicly penalized because of its inability to respond.

The Herald article cites “potential conflicts of interest between the for-profit company Academica and the Mater Academy charter schools.” No such conflicts exist, and we addressed this with the USDOE. For example, the article states that I served on the Mater Academy board until 2004 when, in fact, I had resigned from the board five years earlier in 1999.