Confidence in Charter Schools Continues to Grow

FLORIDA – January 2013 -- Parents are seeking quality education options for their children and the increase in enrollment in charter schools proves that charter schools are meeting that need. For 16 consecutive years, enrollment in Florida public charter schools has steadily increased. There are now more than 213,000 public charter school students in the state of Florida ranking the state 3rd in the nation in charter school enrollment. California leads with more than 484,000 students, Texas is second serving 221,137 students.

New enrollment figures were released on January 15, 2013 by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS). According to the NAPCS report, “with the addition of new charter schools and students, there are now approximately 6,000 public charter schools enrolling over 2.3 million students across the country. The 7 percent growth in the number of operating public charter schools and 13 percent growth in public charter school student enrollment are demonstrations of parents’ demand for high quality educational options.”

“Public charter schools are a vital part of Florida’s public school system and are doing an incredible job meeting parental demand for a quality education option,” said Robert Haag, President, Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools – the state’s premier charter school support and advocacy group.

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools created on the basis of an agreement or charter between the school and their sponsor, school districts. Charter schools have expanded freedom to develop curriculum in return for a commitment to meet higher standards of financial and academic accountability.

By Lynn Norman-Teck, 305-216-6208