Florida 's Charter School Laws ranked 8th in the US

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools ranked Florida 8th in the nation for its laws supporting public charter schools. Lack of a cap on the number of charter schools, support for a variety of different types of charter schools, and improved construction and facilities funding for charter schools all contributed to our ranking.

"A high quality, and successful, charter school movement, needs several important components," said Robert Haag, President, Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools. "In Florida, charter schools are successful because we have support from parents who have been the driving force for growth of choice in our state; dedicated charter school educators and administrators who continue to drive academic gains; and legislation that balances the need for accountability with the necessary freedoms charter schools require to be innovative while accountable to their authorizers and the communities they serve. These components work together to help strengthen charter schools while protecting the best interest of the children they serve."

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