Get the facts on charter schools

When a letter in the Palm Beach Post attacked charter schools with lies, one reader set the record straight with a list of TRUTHS.

Palm Beach Post - April 15, 2014 - The letter in Sunday’s Palm Beach Post (“Public schools at real disadvantage”) was wrong on many counts.

First, contrary to the letter-writer’s statement that “charter schools do not require teachers to be certified,” the Florida Department of Education’s website clearly states: “Teachers employed by or under contract to a charter school are required to be certified (Ch. 1012, F.S.).” A few states allow people who aren’t certified to teach in charter schools — those with at least two years of experience teaching in the Teach for America program, for example, or college-level teaching experience, or men and women with exceptional military, business or artistic experience. In Florida, however, you must have a teaching certificate to teach in a charter school.

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