New report measures public opinion and awareness of K-12 public education options

2015 Schooling in America Survey

The purpose of the annual survey developed by the Friedman Foundation and Braun Research, Inc measured public opinion on, and in some cases awareness or knowledge of, a range of K–12 education topics and reforms.

According to a press release, some key points of the study include:

  • One out of six people people rank education as the No. 1 issue facing America.
  • Americans give low ratings to the federal government’s performance in K–12 education
  • Very few Americans know how much we spend per pupil on K–12 education.
  • A significant number of public school parents give low grades to their public schools.
  • A majority of Americans think education savings accounts should be universal.
  • Most public school parents report their children spending 16 days or more in standardized testing.

For information on public opinions, methodology, and more, please download the full report at

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