New Teacher and Administrator Evaluation Tools Prepare Charter Schools to Comply with SB 736

Contact: Lynn Norman-Teck  (305) 216-6208

FLORIDA - In an effort to help public charter schools comply with Senate Bill 736 (SB 736), also known as the Student Success Act, the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS) has developed two comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, evaluation tools. Specifically designed for charter schools by a committee of charter school principals and leaders, the FCPCS Charter School Teacher Evaluation System and the FCPCS School-Based Administrator Evaluation System are comprehensive instruments that meet standards as outlined in state statutes and the Department of Education.

Available for FCPCS members, the Teacher and School-Based Administrator Evaluation Systems include procedural handbooks that contain a summary of current statutes and rules related to evaluation of instructional and administrative school personnel, the evaluation instruments, Walk- Through and Site-Monitoring Tools, rubrics and other evaluation criteria to use alongside the evaluation tools.

Signed into law by the Governor in 2011, SB 736 requires that every instructional employee working under an annual performance contract be evaluated and rated at one of the following performance levels: Highly Effective; Effective; Needs Improvement or, for instructional personnel in the first 3 years of employment who need improvement, Developing; and Unsatisfactory. The bill also ties 50% of teachers’ and administrators’ evaluation performance ratings to student growth, as measured by designated state-wide assessments.

The FCPCS evaluation systems also outline the need for ongoing professional development for both teachers and administrators. To that end, FCPCS has developed a partnership with a company that provides online professional development opportunities for educators. The online professional development provider, Educational Impact, has aligned training video segments that address every indicator assessed in the teacher evaluation and the administrator evaluation.

The FCPCS Charter School Teacher Evaluation System and the FCPCS School-Based Administrator Evaluation System were introduced in January 2013 via a series of webinars. These evaluation tools are offered to FCPCS members at no cost. To meet the statutory requirement and the growing demand for the evaluation systems, FCPCS will continue to offer training webinars for its members.

FCPCS provides a wide array of technical support, mentoring, training, networking, and purchasing services to its membership, as well as serving as an advocate for all Florida public charter schools. In 2008, FCPCS launched the “Gold Seal of Excellence” program to recognize charter schools with exemplary records of academic success and financial strength, as well as highly-trained governing boards, and encouraged those schools and their leaders to share best practices with other charter schools. “The FCPCS Charter School Teacher Evaluation System and the FCPCS School-Based Administrator Evaluation System are just another example of the valuable service FCPCS offers its members. Our goal is to ensure that our 400-plus member schools meet the state requirements and continue to operate at a high level of quality and effectiveness,” explains Robert Haag, President of FCPCS.

About FCPCS The Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS) is the voice of the Florida charter school movement, with more than 400 charter school members. It is one of the oldest and largest charter school membership associations in the nation. Founded in 1999 by a grassroots group of charter school operators, it provides advocacy, support, resources, and networking opportunities to new and existing charter schools, parents and students. FCPCS also promotes the establishment and operation of high quality public charter schools throughout the state.