Quality Authorizer Task Force Meeting - Sept 10, 2014

CHARTER SCHOOLS AND DISTRICTS TO HAVE AN HONEST DIALOG ABOUT THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION IN FLORIDA The 2nd Quality Charter School Authorizer Task Force meeting will take place on Sept. 10 in Ft. Lauderdale

FLORIDA – On Wednesday, September 10, representatives from school districts and charter schools from around the state will attend the Quality Charter School Authorizer Task Force meeting in an effort to exchange constructive ideas and provide direction as to how to improve district/charter school relationship. Hosted by the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools, and co-chaired by State Representative Janet Adkins, and Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie, the meeting will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Renaissance Fort Lauderdale, 1617 SE 17th Street in Ft. Lauderdale.

Use the link below to watch a live web stream of the meeting: http://floridacharterschoolstaskforce.org/

During last year’s Quality Charter School Authorizer Task Force meeting, more than twenty representatives from districts and charter schools statewide exchanged constructive ideas and came up with suggestion for improving relationships between an authorizer and a charter school. The group also discussed various issues including the importance of quality charter authorizing, support for new charter schools, and the need for charter schools to continue to be innovative while still meeting district requirements and state mandates. This year’s meeting aims to continue addressing these issues and more.

“Charter schools and districts are not adversaries. We both have similar goals and challenges,” explains Robert Haag, President, Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools. “We both want to provide a high quality education to the children we serve and ensure they are making yearly academic progress. We also need to provide professional development for our teacher, meet state and federal mandates, and adhere to new testing requirements. It makes sense that we work together and continue to have an open dialog.” # # #

About FCPCS:
Founded in 1999, the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS) is a 501(c) support organization with a membership of more than500 charter schools and three school districts in the State of Florida. Since its inception, FCPCS has worked on behalf of all public charter schools, their students, teachers and parents, and acted to promote and support the establishment of high quality public charter schools within the state through the development and implementation of focused statewide and online activities, professional development and mentoring.