Several Charter High Schools in Florida make Newsweek's Top Schools in America 2015 List

FCPCS Press Release


FLORIDA – 08/30/15 - Newsweek Magazine recently released two lists - America’s Top High Schools 2015 - which ranks schools solely based on performance and, in an effort to address the effect of socioeconomic disadvantage on education, Beating the Odds 2015, which takes student poverty into account when ranking schools performance.

Four public charter schools in Florida ranked among the top 500 schools on the America’s Top High Schools 2015 list:

St. Petersburg Collegiate Charter High School, placed No. 48 – St. Petersburg, FL Clark Advanced Learning Center, placed No. 123 – Stuart, FL Archimedean Upper Conservatory Charter School, placed No.203 – Miami, FL Edison Collegiate High School, placed No. 321 – Punta Gorda, FL

According to Newsweek, schools were assessed using a broad range of data to determine which institutions do the best job of preparing students for college, and how well their helping low-income students score at or above average on state assessments. Past Newsweek ranks had failed to account for the percentage of free/reduced lunch program students attending each school. That oversight was corrected this year with the Beating the Odds list. Among the twenty-three high schools in Florida that made that list, more than 30 percent where charter schools.

St. Petersburg Collegiate Charter High School #50 – St. Petersburg, FL Archimedean Upper Conservatory Charter School #52 – Miami, FL Clark Advanced Learning Center #120 – Stuart, FL International Studies Charter High School #149 – Miami, FL Edison Collegiate High School #154 – Punta Gorda, FL Mater Academy East Charter High School #201 – Miami, FL Somerset Academy Charter High School #274 – Homestead, FL Youth Co-Op Preparatory High School #433 – Hialeah, FL

“Public charter schools in Florida have done an exceptional job reaching low income and underserved communities, and helping students achieve academically. This ranking highlights the schools that are models of excellence. Many are performing on par with magnet programs while raising academic standards and graduation rates in the communities they serve,” said Robert Haag, President, Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools.

Newsweek’s methodology and complete list of top-ranked schools is available at:

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