Somerset Pines teaches entrepreneurship, leadership

After much conversation, research, and hours of assessing their school performance and student acheivement, the teachers and admin team at Somerset Pines in Pompano Beach decided to make a bold move. "We wanted our school to mirror the real world," explains Dr. Donna Kaye, Principal. "We wanted to give our students an opportunity to apply what they're learning in the classroom in real-life situations."

To do this, a “city within a school” was created. Named the Marketplace, this is where students learn the principals of economics, personal finance, job readiness and responsibility, commercial finance, and customer service. Students, with the help from their teachers, run the city. Each student holds a specific job for a month. Then that job changes -- for example, sales clerks becomes customers, banker becomes a city council member. The students also earn Bulldog Bucks for working. Those dollars can be used to purchase items at the Marketplace. "Our students will earn a salary, pay taxes, and give to charity. The Marketplace also includes a banking system, court system, and municipal government. This program is going to provide our students with the opportunity to make decisions and problem solve in a real world setting," explains Dr. Kaye.

The school was recently featured by NBC Miami. You can watch the clip here.

Somerset Pines is a public charter school located at 901 NE 33 Street in Pompano Beach.