Teacher/Admin Evaluation System Gets State Approval


FLORIDA - December 8, 2014 - A simply, easy to use teacher and administrator evaluation system specifically designed for charter schools recently received approval from the state. The tool was developed by the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS) – the state’s leading charter school advocacy and support organization – to help charter schools comply with SB 736, also known as the Student Success Act.

The FCPCS evaluation system is among the three state-approved evaluation tools public and charter schools in Florida are permitted to use. Initially released in January 2013, the FCPCS Charter School Teacher Evaluation System and the FCPCS School-Based Administrator Evaluation System are comprehensive instruments that meet standards as outlined in state statute and as required by the Florida Department of Education. This week, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, working on behalf of the Florida Department of Education, approved the updated FCPCS Principal and Teacher Evaluation Systems which include components that address the teacher growth plan, and a tool to calculate Value-Added Model (VAM) scores.

"I continue to be impressed with the attention to detail and quality of work being completed by the Consortium team," said Cathy Lassiter, Distinguished Professional Development Associate of The Leadership and Learning Center, a division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Signed into law by Governor Scott in 2011, SB 736 requires that every instructional employee working under an annual performance contract be evaluated and their performance rated. The evaluation also ties 50% of teachers’ and administrators’ evaluation performance ratings to student growth - as measured by designated statewide assessments / VAM.

The FCPCS evaluation systems also include a professional development component. Through a partnership with Educational Impact, an online professional development provider, indicators assessed in the teacher and/or administrator evaluation can be immediately addressed using training video segments.

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Evaluation System Handbook.