What we're learned about districts and charter schools working together

In September 2013, FCPCS launched the state's first ever district/charter school cooperative. Representatives from both sides sat at a the table to discuss ways to work together, and improve the future of public education for all children. We want to see more cooperation, and the elimination of the "us vs. them" mentality. Here's an informative report from the Center for Reinventing Public Education entitled Beyond the Headline:What we’ve learned about districts and charters working together.

From cpre.org: Hostility between school districts and charter schools is not news. But education leaders putting aside their differences to work together is. As readers of this newsletter know, for two and a half years CRPE has been engaging with, analyzing, and writing about 20 cities across the country where school district superintendents have signed “compacts" with charter leaders. These agreements include initiatives to improve professional development, measure student progress, and create common enrollment systems. Some collaborations have been short-lived, with little or no improvement for students. But for some cities, the agreements constitute a change strategy where charter schools are a fundamental part of rethinking and restructuring how districts operate.