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Technical Assistance Papers (TAPs)

Technical Assistance Papers (TAPs) and Guidelines

Click on the following topics to find related documents:

1. Accountability
2. Applications, Appeals, Terminations
3. Funding, Audits and Financial Documentation
4. Class Size Reduction
5. Facilities
6. Grants and Subgrants
7. Parent Contracts
8. Background Screening
9. Homeless Students
10. Title I
11. Exceptional Student Education(ESE) Services


Important Updates on Standards & Assessments-3-17-2015

2011 Legislative Changes Impacting Charter Schools Question & Answer Document

TAP for Florida Virtual School as School Choice Option

Charter School Accountability -  HB 7103-TAP
Technical Assistance Paper on the bill that revises numerous provisions related to charter school governance and academic and financial accountability. July 2006.

Charter School Improvement Plans
The 2006 Legislature enacted HB 7103 which substantially amends provisions of s. 1002.33, F.S. The bill revises numerous provisions related to charter schools and adds new academic accountability requirements for charter schools graded D or F, including the development and implementation of school improvement plans. September 2006.

Educator Preparation Institutes Program Approval Standards and Continued Approval Technical Assistance Paper Memorandum

Educator Preparation Institutes Program Approval Standards and Continued Approval Technical Assistance Paper

IRS Rules Pertaining to the Relationship between Charter Schools and Management Companies

Next Generation Sunshine State Standards 
Instructions on implementation of the revised Sunshine State Standards for Reading, Language Arts and Mathematics. November 2007.

Statutory Requirements 
This is from the Ethics in Education Act which became effective on July 1, 2008. (Senate Bill 1712) This act requires Florida School Boards including charter schools and private schools that take McKay Scholarships to adopt policies establishing standards of ethical conduct for instructional personnel and school administrators.

TAP for Ethics in Education Act

Applications, Appeals, Terminations

Application and Reporting Deadlines for Charter Schools - TAP
This memo deals with statutory or Florida Department of Education deadlines. Issues regarding district deadlines should be handled through the district contact. September 2005.

Funding, Audits and Financial Documentation

2009-2010 Title I Comparability Report

TAP for Auditor Selection Process
Technical Assistance Paper that addresses the statutorily required auditor selection process for charter schools.

TAP 2009-03 Funding and Financial Management of Florida Public Charter Schools
This manual describes the funding of Florida Public Charter Schools and related budget issues. It replaces 2006-03.

Charter School Capital Outlay

Uses of Capital Outlay Funds for Charter Schools
How capital outlay funds can be used by charter schools. November 2006.

Audit Reports on Individual Charter Schools - Auditor General

IRS Rules Pertaining to the Relationship between Charter Schools and Management Companies

Updated Funding and Financial Management of Florida's Public Charter Schools
This TAP describes the updated issues of funding of Florida's public charter schools and related budget issues. Financial reporting and auditing requirements are also explained. November 2006.

Charter School Financial Recovery Plan Guidelines
The 2006 Legislature amended the financial emergency law (Section 218.503, F.S.) making it applicable to charter schools. March 2007.

Class Size Reduction

Data Base Reporting Requirements for Charter Schools Related to Class Size Reduction Act
Effective July 21, 2005, the Legislature defined how team teaching strategies should be implemented by school districts to meet the requirements of the constitutionally mandated class size reduction amendment. September 2006.

Implementation of Class Size Reduction Amendment in Charter Schools
Section 1 of Article IX of the Florida Constitution was amended in November 2002 to reduce the maximum class size in Florida's public schools.


Discussion of facilities requirements by the Florida Department of Education

Revised Asbestos Regulations and Charter Schools 
The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), passed by Congress in 1986, required the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish federal regulations that safeguard school children from asbestos exposure in school buildings. The "Asbestos in Schools Rule" (40 CFR Part 763, Subpart E) sets forth specific regulatory requirements designed to protect students, teachers, and other school employees from exposure to asbestos within schools. Charter Schools are subject to AHERA's requirements and are required to designate a person to inspect for asbestos-containing building materials and prepare management plans that make recommendations for the reduction of asbestos hazards. November 2006.

Uses of Capital Outlay Funds for Charter Schools
How capital outlay funds can be used by charter schools. November 2006.

Grants and Subgrants

Charter School Grant Administrative Fees - TAP
This Technical Assistance Paper clarifies the regulations regarding the deduction of funds for indirect costs, including administrative fees or expenses, from a sub-grant awarded to an eligible applicant. October 2005.

Charter School Program Planning and Implementation Grants-TAP
The CSP provides support for planning, program design, and initial implementation of charter schools. March 2006.

Charter School Program Subgrant Awards to Schools with Pre-K Students - TAP
The purpose of this Technical Assistance Paper is to clarify the regulations regarding Charter School Program Subgrant awards to schools with Pre-K students. June 2006.

Charter School Program Subgrantee Conflict of Interest Guidelines-TAP
The purpose of this Technical Assistance Paper is to outline the administrative and fiscal responsibilities of a charter school subgrantee to avoid apparent and actual conflicts of interest when administering grants. February 2006

Parent Contracts

Legal Opinion on Parent Volunteer Contracts Involving Donations
Legal opinion by General Counsel of the FLDOE on why a charter school that has a parent volunteer contract requirement for admission or continued enrollment in the school cannot allow a parent to satisfy all or part of those volunteer hours by way of a donation to the school.

Background Screening

Technical Assistance Paper on HB 21 passed in 2013 regarding the background screening of noninstructional contractors. This legislation creates the requirement for a uniform, statewide identification badge to be worn by noninstructional contractors when on school grounds. The badge signifies that the noninstructional contractor has met the screening standards set forth in s. 1012.467, F.S.

Sample badge formats are attached with this TAP.

Homeless Students

Technical Assistance Paper on requirements of charter schools to provide transportation to homeless students.

Title I

Florida Department of Education Title I Handbook: A Reference Guide for Charter Schools

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Services

Florida Department of Education TAP-Evaluation, Determination of Eligibility, Reevaluation and the Provision of Exceptional Student Education Services

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