FCPCS Board Governance Training Registration

Training is Mandatory for Charter School Governing Boards

According to the State Board of Education Rule 6A.6.0784:

"every member of the governing body of a charter school operating in Florida shall participate in governance training. . .

"(b)Each governing board member must complete a minimum of four (4) hours of instruction focusing on government in the sunshine, conflicts of interest, ethics, and financial responsibility as specified in Section 1002.33(9)(k), F.S. After the initial four (4) hour training, each member is required, within the subsequent three (3) years and for each three (3) year period thereafter, to complete a two (2) hour refresher training on the four (4) topics above in order to retain his or her position on the charter school board. Any member who fails to obtain the two (2) hour refresher training within any three (3) year period must take the four (4) hours of instruction again in order to remain eligible as a charter school board member.

"(c)New members joining a charter school board must complete the four (4) hour training within 90 days of their appointment to the board.

Every member of a Florida charter school governing board must participate in state-approved training.

FCPCS offers its member schools two state-approved governance training courses to help charter school board members meet the state mandated requirement for training.

Please read the descriptions below to determine which training is appropriate for each member of your charter school's governing board.

Four-Hour Initial Governance Board Training Course

This training is designed for governing boards with one or more members who have had no previous board service or have served on the board for less than ninety days.

Click here to register for four-hour training.

Two-Hour “Refresher” Governance Board Training Course

This course is designed for governing boards if ALL of the members have 1) served continuously on the school’s board for ninety days or more and 2) completed four hours of initial state-approved training. Members who are new to the board must still complete the four-hour course within 90 days of their appointment to the board even if other members have previously completed the four-hour training.

Click here to register for two-hour Refresher Course.

Both Courses are Available to FCPCS Member Schools in Two Versions:

  • Online Self-Guided Version
  • In-Person, On-Site Training

Online Self-Guided Training: Accessible from Any Computer

The self-guided version of this engaging course can be used for an individual board member or for small or large groups.

Your governing board will learn about its primary responsibilities and effective strategies to ensure that it sets high expectations, operates under the Sunshine Laws and is prepared to meet the challenges of intense scrutiny. The course includes a PowerPoint presentation with hands-on activities and informational handouts that cover all aspects of effective board governance. It also includes real-life examples of issues that face Florida charter school boards.


Available to FCPCS Members Only

  • Initial Four-Hour Training: $400
    (New board members can be added for $50 per board member after a school has purchased the initial training)
  • Two-Hour Refresher Training:
    $99 if Initial 4 hour course completed with FCPCS
    $199 if Initial 4 hour course completed with another approved vendor

Board members must complete their training by August 1 of each year.